Shared Responsibility

Financial support of the Nantucket Atheneum is a responsibility shared by the town and the community. Every year, the Atheneum must raise over 60 percent of its operating budget from individual and foundation support, while the remaining portion of the budget is provided by the town of Nantucket and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Please ensure that the Atheneum continues to play a vital role in the community, offering high-caliber library services and programs for all island residents. Contribute today.

Annual Giving

Every year, the Atheneum runs a direct mail fundraising effort from July 1–June 30. The campaign solicits gifts from patrons, year-round and seasonal residents, as well as constituents who have participated in other Atheneum fundraisers or special events.

The purpose of the campaign is to broaden the base of support for the library; to provide resources in order to maintain current levels of programs and services; to acquaint the local and seasonal community with the mission, accomplishments and needs of the Atheneum; to invite the community to support its public library. Please donate now.