The Nantucket Atheneum offers free access to computers and Wi-Fi Internet at the library for residents and visitors. Our Wi-Fi’s identification is Atheneum.public.

Due to the computers’ popularity, the Atheneum allows computer use in 30-minute intervals during the busy summer season. Please check with a librarian for the session times at each computer location.

  • Each Atheneum computer has the full Microsoft Office suite of programs: Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint, and multiple Internet browsers.
  • Black and white printing is available for $.25 per page.
  • Bring your own USB flash storage if you wish to save your data.

Do not leave your laptop or any personal items unattended in the library. The Atheneum is not responsible for stolen laptops or any personal items. Avoid extending network and electrical cables across aisles where they might be safety hazards.

Computer Use and Wireless Access:
Frequently Asked Questions

While at the library, you may log on to our free wireless network: Atheneum.public.

What about virus protection and security?
You are responsible for protecting your own machines against viruses.

Is my information safe while using wireless?
The library’s wireless network is open, not secure (encrypted), so the library cannot guarantee the safety of your traffic. We recommend that you use a firewall to help protect your computer.

While in the library, am I on the library network?
Given the nature of wireless networks, your computer may see and inadvertently connect to many town wireless network signals.

Why does my wireless network connection speed vary?
There are several possibilities, including:

  •  Your distance from the access point and/or obstructions might be in the way.
  •  If several people are using the network, users may experience slower connections. If you experience a connection problem, seek the assistance of a librarian.

Internet Acceptable Use: Rules of Conduct

Whether you are using an Atheneum laptop or your own devices, you must abide by the Internet Acceptable Use Policy: Rules of Conduct while in the building or on our network.