Printing, Photocopying, Scanning & Faxing

The following services are available in the Great Hall:

  • B&W printing from a computer is .25 per page (single or double sided)
  • Color printing or Mixed Color & Text is .50 per page (single sided)
  • Double-sided Color printing or Mixed is $.75 per page (double sided)
  • Color printing on special paper, when available, is $1.25 ( single or Double sided)
  • Bond paper is available for printing for an additional .25 per sheet

Photo Copies & Scanning

  • B&W photocopies are .25 per page (single or double sided)
  • Scanning to an e-mail address is free.


  • Faxing a small document inside the US is .50 per fax. Larger documents over 25 pages will incur a higher charge of $1.00.

Typewriter and Online Documents

A typewriter with correction is available at the Reference Desk on the second floor. For other document needs, Microsoft Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher are available on all computers.

  • 4 GB Flash Memory Drives are available to purchase and take with you for $2

State & Federal Tax Forms

A limited quantity of the most popular Federal & State tax forms and instructions are available at the Atheneum.  Patrons may print out forms and instructions.  Contact the Reference Department at 508-228-1110, x110 to check availability.