Nantucket Housing Assistance Programs

  • Housing Nantucket Creates, administers and monitors programs designed to address the severe shortage of affordable housing for low and moderate income year-round Nantucket residents.
  • Nantucket Rental Assistance Program – Interfaith Council A collaboration between Nantucket’s religious institutions to provide short-term, temporary financial assistance for local residents who meet specific eligibility requirements during financial crises.
  • Housing Nantucket Rental Assistance  Affordable Nantucket Rentals, rents Nantucket homes year-round at reasonable rates for for income qualified residents. Their 35 rental units are situated around Nantucket and range from studio apartments to four bedroom homes. These Nantucket homes are available to those earning between 50-140% of median income.
  • Habitat for Humanity Nantucket Works in creative partnership with people  in need and the Nantucket community to build and renovate homes for ownership.
  • Sherburne Commons Nantucket’s senior residence community including independent cottages, apartments, and assisted-living facilities on a year-round and seasonal basis.
  • Sachem’s Path An affordable housing project for individuals and families who qualify for a lottery to potentially purchase a new home in the development off Surfside Road.
  • Affordable Housing Trust Fund The AHTF was established to provide for the creation and preservation of affordable housing in the Town of Nantucket for year-round low and moderate income households.
  • Who’s Who? An illustrated chart of all major players and services involved in affordable housing, compiled by Housing Nantucket
  • Nantucket Town Calendar (link to search for upcoming housing meetings and events)