Choose your favorite book or literary character and then create a diorama inside a shoe box where Easter Peeps portray the characters in a book!

We are looking for entries is four categories: Children, Teens, Families and Adults.

Contest Rules

  • Each diorama must be based on a book or literary theme.
  • All characters must be portrayed by Peeps
  • Make the diorama using a standard shoebox sized box.
  • Contest open to all ages. There are separate prize categories for children, teens, adults and families.
  • Please limit the use of food items (other than Peeps) in your diorama.
  • Limited to one entry per person.
  • All entries must be submitted with an entry form.
  • All entries must be in good taste – the Atheneum reserves the right to omit any
  • entries it feels are not appropriate for public viewing.

Need inspiration?

Or, Visit our Facebook photo gallery Peep entries

Or search Google images using “Peep Diorama” as your search term