What kind of materials are in the collection?

Overdrive: Unabridged and abridged MP3 audiobooks.

Hoopla: Streaming unabridged and abridged audiobooks.

Is special software needed to listen to the audiobooks to my computer?

Hoopla: No plugins are needed to listen to Hoopla audiobooks.

Are apps available for my mobile device?

Overdrive: Yes, the Libby app for iOS and Android devices; the Overdrive app for iOS Android, Kindle Fire/HD, Nook Color/Tablet, and Windows 8 devices.

Hoopla: Yes, the Hoopla Digital app for iOS and Android devices.

What devices are compatible with the collections?

Overdrive: The list of supported devices is available here

Hoopla: The list of supported devices is available in Hoopla Help.

Will I need my library card?

Overdrive: Yes and your PIN. Your card must be in good standing.

Hoopla: Yes and your PIN. You will also need to create a free account with Hoopla.

How many titles can be checked out at a time?

Hoopla: Customers have a checkout limit of 10 downloads per month. Hoopla also has a daily limit for downloads which resets at 8:00 pm. Please try after 8:00 pm, or the following day, if you receive this message: “The daily lending limit has been met. Please save this title to your Favorites and try again tomorrow.”

How long is the loan period?

Overdrive: 7 or 21 days

Hoopla: 21 days

Can I place holds on titles?

Overdrive: Yes, if a title is checked out, you must put your name on a waiting list for it.

Hoopla: Hoopla Digital titles are always available; you don’t have to put holds on them.

Can titles be renewed?

Overdrive: Titles can renewed once during the original checkout period if no one else is on the waiting list.

Hoopla: Titles cannot be renewed.

Can I accumulate overdue fines?

Overdrive: No overdue fines; the titles are returned automatically.

Hoopla: No overdue fines; the titles are returned automatically.

Can I burn the audiobooks to CD?

Overdrive: Yes, many can be burned to CD.

Hoopla: No

Can I recommend titles for purchase?

Overdrive: Yes, you may recommend 5 titles every 2 weeks.

Hoopla: No, Hoopla does not accept recommendations.

What if I have technical questions or problems?

Overdrive: See the Help section of the Overdrive website. Or, view our pamphlet.

Hoopla: See the Help section of the Hoopla website. Or, view our pamphlet.