Strategic Plan

Goals & Objectives

GOAL 1: To maintain the quality of the Nantucket Atheneum’s services and programs within the limits of its financial resources.

Objectives: Strengthen Atheneum information services to meet the needs of community members to be informed citizens on local, national and world affairs.

Action Plan:

  • Increase virtual holdings of information
  1. Aggregate information into user-friendly physical and virtual pathfinders
  2. Update technology plan and secure long-term funding for technology
  3. Provide opportunities for learning information fluency
  4. Develop adult education programs including on-line learning opportunities
  5. Increase community awareness of Atheneum information services
  • Strengthen Atheneum literacy services and programs to support youth and adults learning to speak, read and write.
  • Offer Early Literacy programs for parents and caregivers
  • Develop multi-cultural programs and increase multi-cultural holdings
  • Create additional literacy and life-long learning links on Atheneum website
  • Strengthen Literacy Volunteers of the Atheneum (LVA), the library’s English Language Learning program
  1. Conduct community needs assessment including family literacy and basic literacy to determine future scope of LVA
  2. Secure long-term funding
  • Create study areas for small group and interactive learning within current building
  • Increase community awareness of Atheneum literacy services
  • Safeguard the Atheneum’s historic collections and records.
  1. Secure a full appraisal of historic art and artifacts
  2. Digitize Atheneum institutional records
  3. Digitize historic logbooks
  4. Secure off-site, climate controlled storage for institutional records and historic newspaper collections
  5. Increase community awareness of Atheneum’s historic collection

Goal 2: Strengthen and expand the Nantucket Atheneum’s financial resources.


  • Continue The Sustaining the Atheneum campaign to create and endowment for the historic building and grounds
  • Secure long term funding for library technology
  • Continue efforts to increase financial support from the community of Nantucket to its public library
  • Continue cost containment efforts and sustainable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient building and technology operations

Goal 3: Increase the Nantucket community’s knowledge of the Nantucket Atheneum’s role in the community and its financial resources.


  • Continuously improve the Nantucket Atheneum’s use of technology to serve and communicate effectively with the Nantucket community.
  • Develop and implement a Comprehensive Marketing Plan to increase community awareness of library services and funding particularly to underserved populations.

Complete text of the plan: Nantucket Atheneum Strategic Plan 2013- 2015 (pdf)